Product Design

Do you have a perception for any product and even understand how to transform it into a reality? The process for this is surprisingly straightforward. In this informative article, share the steps which can be necessary to develop your products or services, patent it, and acquire it into market.

What is the product design?
Product design is the method of making a cool product that will be manufactured and sold to consumers. It starts with continuing development of something idea and concludes with all the end product reaching the market industry.

The complete purpose of product design is always to build a merchandise that gives a means to fix a difficulty or somehow raises the quality of your user’s life. A well-designed product is likewise created to be durable, functional, eye appealing, and to use.

What steps get excited about the product design process?
1) Idea Generation
Step one on the product design process is the growth and development of a product or service idea. In most cases, new service ideas originate from identifying conditions should be fixed. The areas where awesome ideas will come from include:
• Brainstorming
• Market research
• Customer research (customer preferences and complaints about existing products)
• Competitor research (Concepts for services which can be finer quality than competitor offerings)

2) Idea Screening
Once you've a concept for the new product, it’s imperative that you assess its viability. There are various criteria will screen your idea. Begin by asking in the event the product idea:
• Fulfils customer needs
• Benefits your target market
• Is sufficiently unique
• Is technically feasible
• Will have a reasonable a higher level resources essential for production
• Is potential profitability
• Fits within your business profile and objectives
• Is marketable
• Can be generated

Research is going to be necessary to determine whether your products or services idea fulfils this criteria. Many entrepreneurs will also perform a SWOT analysis of the cool product ideas to assess their viability.

3) Concept Development and Testing
A product or service concept is certainly a detailed description of your new service explained from the outlook during a person. Your concept should highlight the options from the product with regards to:
• Usability
• Price
• Build quality
• Functionality
• Performance
• Convenience
• Product differentiation
• User experience

Outlining the merchandise in this manner can help you establish the way should work, what it is going to be made from, what manufacturing techniques are utilized, and so forth. This section of the product design process makes it much simpler to formulate your product or service, eliminating mistakes, improving its functionality and becoming a better idea of its characteristics.

4) Business Analysis
When you're satisfied that people should buy your product, execute a business research product. Determine the resolution to questions like:
• What price will the merchandise niche for?
• Which market niche could it target?
• What will be the forecast product sales?
• At which point will you break even?
• What will be the minimum sale price necessary to break even?
• What online strategy do you want to use?

5) Product
Now, onto one of the more exciting aspects of the process, turning your idea right into a physical prototype. This begins with a design phase, that may be carried out employing a selection of different technologies.


Most designers begins which has a number of product sketches to help them explore concepts quickly. The chosen sketch will then be translated into 2D and 3D renderings using CAD software.

Mockups of your new service can be created using clay, timber, plastic, leather, paper, cardboard, and other materials. Digital designs can also be translated right into a physical format utilizing a 3D printer, which allows for quick testing of methods the prototype functions.

3D printing is one of the most effective ways to change a product or service design into a real world prototype that's prepared to be tested. Other aspects that'll be developed during this time include the product’s branding and packaging.

Your products or services may undergo several iterations because you find that song in the design don’t work as expected or are lacking for some reason. Eventually, you'll reach a point in places you believe the item prototype matches your products or services concept.

In the event you don’t have the skills or experience to build up your products further, professional assistance are usually necessary. This is when Phillips Direct might be of assistance. Our company specialises in product design, prototyping, and manufacturing. We can assist you turn a product or service concept in to a product that is prepared for market.

6) Market Testing
After you have a prototype completed, you can attempt it using focus groups or share it with industry experts. You are able to gain useful feedback at this stage, which assists you identify any issues with the merchandise and improve it even more.

In case your strategy is unique and uses technology which includes not previously come to exist, you will have to patent it before sharing it with all the average person. Find out about patenting with the Gov UK website -

7) Commercialisation
Commercialisation is the method of bringing your product to market. It involves product manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales, and customer service. This stage can involve a lot of technical decision, so obtaining professional help is often helpful.

8) Launch
Finally, as soon as your product is willing to be sold, it can be launched. The manner in which services are launched has totally changed in recent years, due to coming of the net. In addition for placing advertisements in traditional media and pr announcements, your small business will likely need to execute a web launch, which can include:
• Online advertising
• Social media posts
• Website development
• Online reviews
• Hiring influencers to assist you launch

How Phillips Direct might help
Phillips Direct has decades of know-how in relation to product design. We may help you turn your initial concept in to a fully fledged product ready for market. Our team may help you each and every part of the product design process, such as the designing prototypes and manufacturing from the end product. For more information, e mail us today on 01442 200600 or

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